Myrtle Beach Economic Development

The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation works with local business, industry leaders, and government officials to ensure and accelerate the growth of the region. As the main economic developer in Myrtle Beach, the MBREDC advocates and facilitates economic expansion and diversification to provide high-paying jobs to our residents and recent graduates.

Myrtle Beach is an excellent place to do business. With a strategic location between major port cities like Charleston, S.C. and Wilmington, N.C., and a position as the halfway point between Miami and New York, Myrtle Beach serves as an important hub for many national and international businesses.

Our role as an economic developer includes marketing and promoting our region both to existing and future businesses and industries. We help potential businesses understand the compelling advantages Myrtle Beach has to offer, such as our tax incentives and credits – including the lowest property tax rates in the state. We enable conversations between local and state representatives and incoming businesses and industries. On a broader scale, the MBREDC hosts events, socials, and membership meetings to bring the region together as a holistic body to build relationships that lead to productive cooperation.

We also help corporations understand the full value of doing business in Myrtle Beach by walking them through practical considerations: our competitive logistics and electricity rates; our multifaceted transportation options including road, rail, ports, and airports; and, our thriving local business climate. Additionally, we encourage new industries to understand the important role they can play in the Myrtle Beach regional economic development. Other economic development activities the MBREDC leads include evaluating, improving, and creating new industrial buildings and sites to improve Myrtle Beach’s competitiveness.

Our success as an economic developer is tangible. Since 2006, MBREDC has worked to recruit over 1,200 new jobs and $120 million in capital investments. These numbers show the growth and potential for both businesses and local residents to find the quality of life and economic development they desire. Currently, Myrtle Beach is the second fastest-growing metro area in the United States. Through economic development and partnerships with private and public leaders in the region, we’ll continue to see fast growth and establish Myrtle Beach as a great place to do business.