Support MBREDC, Support Your Community

As a member, or investor, of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation, you play a vital role in the success and prosperity of our community. The successes of the MBREDC provide its investors a return on investment directly through events, networking, member-to-member business development, and opportunities to interact with new and expanding industries. Investors also see a return on their investment with the MRBEDC by improving the economic vitality of the community through increased wages, which provides direct benefits to all businesses in the region.

Investor-Led Community Contributions  

As a member, or investor, of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation, you play a vital role in the success and prosperity of our community.

Since 2012, the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation has facilitated over 25 company locations and expansions, representing more than 2,000 new jobs with an economic impact of nearly $200 million. It’s because of your investment and support that the MBREDC is able to connect and engage with these very companies that consider our area, moving them through our carefully planned and objective economic development process.

Ambassador Program

Launched in 2016, the Ambassador Program serves to strengthen communication between the MBREDC and its members/investors. Nine volunteer ambassadors work on behalf of the MBREDC to encourage member engagement, assist with member relations, and help investors optimize their benefits. The program’s main objectives are to form lasting relationships between MBREDC members, spread the word about area businesses, and encourage member involvement with the MBREDC by attending events, sharing business news, and staying informed.

Invest in the Future of Horry County 


Every $200 invested with the MBREDC translates into 1 new job for Horry County, creating at least $3,000 of additional state and local tax revenue, which reduces the tax burden for You, the existing taxpayer. All dollars help us to entice new companies to Horry County and assist existing local companies with their growth and expansion goals. Jobs created through the MBREDC are sustainable opportunities for our workforce and our graduates, offering local, higher paying wages and benefits, while bringing millions of dollars in economic impact for Horry County directly.

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MBREDC Industry Awareness Development Course

Participating in the MBREDC Industry Awareness Development Course is an excellent way to learn about various industries in Horry County, the importance of diversity in economic development in the county, and the role that the MBREDC plays in recruiting industry to and supporting industry within the county. The class participants meet one day per month in different regions of the county and visit existing industries within that region. For more information about the course or to apply for the next upcoming class contact MBREDC.