Horry County Economic Development

The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation (MBREDC) leads Horry County’s efforts in attracting, growing, and retaining sustainable businesses that create jobs. We’re also dedicated to the facilitation of development programs that benefit Horry County residents.

The three pillars of Horry County economic development are as follows:

  • We raise the profile of Horry County as a prime business location
  • We unite key parties in the public and private sectors to accelerate economic growth
  • We diversify the economy by attracting suitable and sustainable industries

To continue to make our County a prime business location, we support and grow existing industries in the region such as aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. As a result, this support attracts other businesses in the same industries. Additionally, we create partnerships and work with new industries to attract them to the region as well.

By uniting key parties in both the public and private sectors, we create partnerships that accelerate economic growth. We involve the private sector by gaining their buy-in for government-sponsored economic development plans. We also help local corporations give back to Horry County School Systems and government jurisdictions through tax revenue. This reciprocal relationship stimulates the local economy and drives continuous growth.

We chose these pillars as the staple of economic development because they in turn help make Horry County a great place to live. A more expansive and deversified economy creates high-paying jobs for Horry County residents. It also encourages local graduates from our universities and technical colleges to stay in the area and seek rewarding employment opportunities within the community.

To accomplish these goals, we partner with hundreds of local businesses and corporations, as well as city and county government bodies. We host annual membership meetings, networking events, socials, and panels to facilitate the cooperation of each industry in accomplishing Horry County’s goals.