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As a leader of your organization, you face tough investment decisions every day. Smart investing is critical to business success in today’s economy. We couldn’t agree more and know how crucial it is to get the most out of each and every dollar . We think of our members as investors, which means you expect to see a return on your investment in the MBREDC. Since January 2012, we have worked an aggressive strategy to produce measurable results, and in the last three years, the MBREDC has helped to locate and/or expand 12 companies here, representing more than 1,300 new jobs and a yearly economic impact of more than $120 million. BaucshLinnemann NA, PTR Industries, StarTekKingman Airlines and Accent Stainless Steel have already made the move, and we’re talking to more than a dozen major organizations to show them the benefits of moving or expanding their business to Horry County.

As a nonprofit organization, the MBREDC simply couldn’t accomplish all of this without the investment, membership and support from businesses like yours. Your investment is certain to make a long-lasting impact on Myrtle Beach and Horry County.



Every $200 invested with the MBREDC translates into 1 new job for Horry County, creating at least $3,000 of additional state and local tax revenue, which reduces the tax burden for You, the existing taxpayer. All dollars help us to entice new companies to Horry County and assist existing local companies with their growth and expansion goals. Jobs created through the MBREDC are sustainable opportunities for our workforce and our graduates, offering local, higher paying wages and benefits, while bringing millions of dollars in economic impact for Horry County directly.



Your investment obviously pays off in opportunities and benefits for the market as a whole, but it also yields unique "dividends" for you and your company. As a MBREDC member, you’re guaranteed access to benefits you won’t find anywhere else.


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