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Spotlight Tyson Signs

This spotlight from Tyson Signs highlights why they love doing business in Horry County.

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My name is Ebbie Phillips, President, CEO, and owner of Tyson Sign Company. We’ve been in business since 1947. We are a custom sign manufactory company. We do the entire process from design, creative design, to manufacturing, to installation and service. Our products cover a variety of things. We do on premise signs on the exterior of the business, main identification signs, to wall signs, to way finding signs. We also do a lot of work on interior signage, whether it be door plaques or digital signage or digital printing. Additionally we do vehicle wraps and a variety of other types of products. Obviously we do a lot of work in Myrtle Beach and Horry County for all the restaurants, hotels, and entertainment complexes that are here and the shopping centers. But we also do work outside this market throughout the Southeast and also we have clients that take us all over the country. So we're very fortunate in the fact that we do have a broad base of clients and product types that we offer. When we decided to relocate our new facility here in the center of Horry County we had a lot of support from the local communities. There seems to be a lot of support from the business leaders that the county and the cities, as far as being willing to help facilitate new growth and new development in this county. If I was a company outside this market considering coming into the Myrtle Beach area I think one of the most attractive things is the reception that you would receive from the community. I think there are so many people in this market, in business, in government, in various parts of the market that are so friendly and will welcome you with open arms and will be willing to help you maneuver your way through the maze of activities that you would need to relocate here. And Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation probably is at the head of that list. They will bend over backwards to do whatever it takes two to make that process easier and more effective for you.

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