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Spotlight Frontier Communications

General Manager, Todd Van Epps, spotlights Frontier Communications working locally in Horry County.

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Todd Van Epps, the area general manager for South Carolina in parts of North Carolina. I've been in the area now about eighteen months and I work for Frontier Communications. We are a communications provider in the realm of data as well as access lines. Our overall mash is data; residential and commercial. We do internet service from the lowest scale, all the way up to a lot in the Myrtle Beach area. There are a lot in the multi dwelling units or hospitality focus. And then we have our business services, and it's something that we do really well as far as I’m concerned. We do a lot of customer provided equipment. So we start talking about hospitality- every hotel room has a phone in it and we have the ability to provide those customer product solutions to a large-scale customer. So that's something that we take a lot of pride too is our ability to sell those customer provided solutions, install, maintain, repair, and give them exactly what they're looking for. What's really unique about Frontier though is Todd Van Epps, on this level, works at a very local level with our economic development team, the local chambers, local, city and government. So, we have the flexibility to be small and local, yet we're at a grand scheme of eleven billion dollars as far as the companies concerned, so it makes a very interesting dynamic. And, what really brought me to Horry County is the opportunity that I saw- everything that this area had to offer meant expansion and growth potentials. This was an area that I could expand my role and move up in the company, and it was taking my family and moving them to a better quality of life; it's just an area that that you can do that in. The opportunities continue to expand, not only from a local level, but from a company level. Yet I get to stay in Myrtle Beach and do all of that. So there's a lot of opportunity but a lot of good quality life too that is that is here so it's exciting for us to be here.

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