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BauschLinnemann chose to do business in Horry County because of our strong workforce and Southern hospitality.

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I’m Mike Phillips I am the CEO of Surteco North America which consists of BauschLinnemann North America and Suteco LLC which is located in the Springfield Massachusetts area. Our operation in North America is about a hundred million dollars in sales and we have about 250 employees. The operation here in Myrtle Beach is 55 to 60 employees and we've been here for about three years now. Our product line is laminates or decorative overlays for the woodworking industry. We make prints and coverings for laminate flooring for kitchen cabinets and for store fixtures, office furniture, things like that. We acquired coastal paper which was a company manufacturing a similar product to what we made they were located here. In the area that had a factory in Myrtle Beach and also in Conway and after we acquired them we were trying to decide would we move this company, the Coastal Paper Company to Greensboro or to move the Greensboro company here. I called Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development group. That was the beginning of it. Basically MBREDC put us in touch with the right people to evaluate different sites here and give us all the information we needed. It really made it pretty pain-free as far as giving us the information to evaluate the possibilities here. We reviewed that versus what we thought the possibilities were in Greensboro and it was no contest for the area that really wanted to see jobs increased and the cooperation that we received. During this time frame I would say we also acquired a company in Drummondville Quebec and moved move that facility here as well. I think the biggest difference is people seem like work here. We have no problems getting people that appreciate their job and want to work and are delighted to have fair wages and benefits and has just been much easier to recruit people here. From a personal standpoint it's proven to be a great place to live and most people would not look at Myrtle Beach and say gosh what a great place to located a manufacturing operation. That has proven to be untrue, it is a great place. From a personal standpoint it's like a small southern town it was really interesting I lived in Greensboro for 25 years and I knew more people here before I actually relocated here than I did in Greensboro the whole time there so it's a delightful place to live. I guess the bottom line would be that without the EDC we wouldn't be sitting here today would probably be sitting in my office in Greensboro with expanded facility. There will be no way that I could have done sufficient research to find out about what the possibilities were here without the EDC.

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