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Spotlight - Worksman Cycles

Wayne Sosin of Worksman Cycles, a New York based bicycle and industrial tricycle manufacturer, discusses why he chose to expand operations to Horry County.

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Hi my name is Wayne Sosin, I’m the president and Worksmen Cycles. We’re America's oldest bicycle manufacturer. We specialize in industrial grade tricycles, bicycles, beach cruisers and other specialty cycles. And we've been located in New York City since 1898 so we're an old company. And we recently realized that if we wanted to expand we needed more space and we needed a larger facility and we wanted to do with one story so we went on a search nationally to find the best place to expand our business. We ended up landing in Conway South Carolina and that's our story. So when we knew we wanted to expand and realized that we need to do so outside of New York we went on a very extensive search nationally to find the right place to call home. And after a lot of visits to different states and meeting with a lot of different organizations we were very impressed when we met with the Myrtle Beach Economic Development group as they were able to convince us and show us and Myrtle Beach is not only a great place to vacation but a wonderful place to relocate a manufacturing business like ours. The Myrtle Beach Economic Development group was so helpful in helping us realize the potential that this area, Horry County, had to offer to us. That it's a great place to live costs are low for cost of living is much lower than what we were accustomed to. Vacation areas are terrific to come and visit and have people come and visit you. But most importantly was they offered us a lot of incentives through helping us meet all the right people making the transition very easy from locating the proper real estate to locating contractors and working with different economic development groups, introducing us to the utility companies introducing us to the officials and the government that were interested in seeing us come down. It's a very friendly warm feeling when you're relocating a business it’s a very difficult decision especially when you've been in one space for the last hundred and fifteen years this is a decision that does not come easily. So working with people who make it feel like an easy transition and who gave us the proper incentives, introductions, support has made this the right choice for us. And not to mention the fact that the weather down here is a little nicer in the winter than what we're used to. I might have to get rid of my snow shovel and I will not do that with any regrets.

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