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MBREDC CEO Testimonials

Hear from local CEOs how the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation (MBREDC) assisted them with their expansions/relocation to Horry County.

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Economic development is a process that improves the economic, political, and social well-being of the community. Our efforts do not end with the announcements of a new company and new jobs created. Economic development in Horry County is a movement that is driving the community forward to great things and a brighter, more prosperous future. Our initiatives include workforce development, transportation and infrastructure, entrepreneurial support, existing industries, business retention and recruitment, and product development. The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation is opening the Door for opportunity by leading Horry County's effort in attracting, growing and retaining sustainable businesses that create jobs. I think that is very important for our community and I believe that for Myrtle Beach and the county to grow we have to go out and find year-round business, not just tourism-related businesses but year-round industry that brings in better jobs. So when we knew we wanted to expand and realize that we needed to do so outside of New York we went on an extensive search to find the perfect new home for Worksmen Cycles and we were very impressed when we met with the Myrtle Beach Economic Development Group as they were able to convince us and show us that Myrtle Beach is not only a great place to vacation but a wonderful place to relocate a manufacturing business like ours. Well we were really only considering either staying in Greensboro an expanding or coming here. And the biggest indication for me was that I felt like there was a different attitude toward manufacturing here in Horry County. There seems to be a lot of support from the business leaders that the county and the cities as far as being willing to help facilitate new growth in new development in this county. Basically in MBREDC put us in touch with the right people to evaluate different sites here and gave us all the information we needed. They really made it pretty pain-free as far as giving us the information to evaluate possibilities here. We reviewed that versus what we thought the possibilities were in Greensboro and ultimately it was no contest for the area that really wanted to see jobs increased and the corporation received. And when we decided to or I was trying to decide whether to make the move and move into this building which was a big step for my company, having the economic development support and having an incentive. We had found the EDC by searching out tax incentives on the internet and looking for any type of way that we could possibly have any type of incentives to come into an area we were not familiar with nor did we have any experience and whatsoever. So we had searched on the internet and the Economic Development Corporation popped up, they were the first hit we had found searching on the internet. They offered us a lot of incentives through helping us meet all the right people making the transition very easy from locating the proper real estate to locating contractors and working with different economic development groups introducing us to the utility companies introducing us to the officials and the government that we're interested in seeing us come down. The Economic Development Corporation has been instrumental in helping us set up our business from day one. Since the time that we got it contact with the Economic Development Corporation they helped us catapult and get us up to speed in every aspect including getting our permits, zoning, building and also contents. I believe that the county and through the economic development just like with us, they are now trying to help get your round businesses in here. And that's what our businesses become we used to just be seasonal now we're pretty much year round industry. it's a very friendly warm feeling when you're relocating a business it’s a very difficult decision especially when you've been in one space for the last hundred and fifteen years this is a decision that does not come easily. So working with people who make it feel like an easy transition and who gave us the proper incentives, introductions, support has made this the right choice for us. I guess the bottom line is that without the EDC we wouldn't be sitting here today. I would probably be sitting in my office in Greensboro with an expanded facility. There will be no way that I could have done sufficient research to find out what the possibilities here without the EDC. The experience in general of moving down here and trying to implement and open up a business from the ground up without having any roots in this area has been all directly related to the Economic Development Corporation. without your guys’ help I don't think it would’ve been possible. At least we're out there letting people know that we're looking for industry to come into Myrtle Beach and the county. And that's all thanks to Economic Development and the relationship here that has formed, so I think that's huge to be on that, you know, in that relationship between business and economic development. To me there's no greater relationship that needs to be formed and help drive the future.

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