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October 4, 2012 – Myrtle Beach, S.C. – Native Sons, a leading screen-printing, embroidery and creative specialty corporation in the United States since 1984, today announced they will add 79 new jobs to the area.  The company recently expanded their facility from 21,000 square feet to a new 56,000 square foot location, making a more than $2.5 million investment to the area.  The new facility is located on Executive Avenue in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach.  Native Sons employees work on light manufacturing projects for companies like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, NFL Affiliates, Reebok, Armani Exchange, and more.

“We are excited about our new facility, and the ability to continue to grow in this community.  Horry County has been home to Native Sons since the early 80’s and we all grew up here.  We are proud of our expansion and to have the ability to put more people to work,” said Steve Taylor, Native Sons Owner and President.

The Native Sons expansion began in November 2011.  At that time, the company had 35 employees.  Since then, they have hired 35 more employees, bringing the company to 70 full-time staff members.  They still have an additional 44 positions left to reach their commitment of 79 new jobs.

 “We are excited to announce another 79 new manufacturing jobs in Horry County.  One of our responsibilities, in addition to attracting new companies to the area, is also to make sure the needs are met for existing industries already in our community.  Native Sons is a perfect example of a company in our area with a need to expand, and we are proud to have provided them with the assistance they needed to keep their jobs here in Horry County.  Our workforce is well suited for these positions, and we are happy to have been part of that process, ” said Brad Lofton, MBREDC President & CEO.

Area labor force data compiled by the MBREDC shows a significant cross section of unemployed people in Horry County who currently have skill sets suitable for the newly created Native Sons positions.  Recent projects announced by the MBREDC range from aviation maintenance to call center, and machine operators.  This demonstrates a diverse range and demand for certain skill sets and qualifications.  The MBREDC strives to support a range of companies that can satisfy the varying skill sets of the existing labor force currently in the job market.  Native Sons is helping to revive some of the textile jobs that have diminished over the past decade.


The incentives package for Native Sons included a special source revenue credit.  This credit gives the company a 50% reduction in their property taxes annually.  The building they are now occupying, for years, was occupied by a non-profit and had not generated any property tax revenue.  Now, with Native Sons in that location, an estimated $600,000 will be collected in property taxes over the next twenty years.

“Myrtle Beach is a prime location to expand a business or relocate a business.  Native Sons has been doing business here for over two decades and we are proud of their growth and commitment to our city.  Jobs are at a premium all over our state, and here is another company doing their part to put people back to work,” said Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes.

The Native Sons expansion in Myrtle Beach brings the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation total jobs announced to 394 for the year.  The average wage for these positions ranges from $12.00-$14.00 per hour.  The MBREDC would like to thank all parties involved for their assistance on this project.

“On behalf of the North Eastern Strategic Alliance, I would like to congratulate Native Sons on their decision to expand their Myrtle Beach facility.  This announcement is another testament to the excellent business climate and tremendous workforce that exists within our region.  We applaud Native Sons on making the decision to continue growing within our area,” said state Senator J. Yancey McGill. 

About Native Sons

Native Sons started out in 1984 as a group of eighteen local, young men who grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Their goal was simple: to have fun and promote the beach lifestyle.  From this simple premise, a company was born that continues to share the style and feeling of living the beach life. 

Today, Native Sons has evolved into one of the largest screen-printing and embroidery companies on the east coast with local and national clients. Our customers rely on us for our screen-printing and embroidery expertise, as well as exceptional customer loyalty.  Native Sons success is a product of hard work, high quality product and a passion for what we do.

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