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Membership Survey Results Are In

For the 2015 MBREDC Membership Survey we received 60 responses, out of the 167 members that the survey was sent to.  This is a fairly good sample size, and we were pleased with the results and the general feedback that we received. 

We learned that most members joined because they are interested in networking, civic duty to the community, and general businesses exposure. Members would also like to see more events take place during the year, such as social networking, educational events, and smaller forum type events.

Members also requested more information and opportunities to be involved in economic development and recruitment efforts, as well as more communication from the MBREDC to members.

In 2016, the MBREDC plans to host more events of all types.  Our plans include regular existing industry events, smaller bi-monthly educational events, social events, and round table forum type events.

You spoke, and we listened! The MBREDC hopes to exceed expectations in the upcoming year and optimize your membership to the fullest.

Thank you to those who took the time to complete the survey. We appreciate your feedback and we depend on it to continue to build our program.

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