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Little Spider Creations’ Featured at Top Halloween Attractions in the US

When you think about industry, you don’t normally think of spooky ghosts and scary monsters, so in light of Halloween we wanted to spotlight our friends at Little Spider Creations, well because that’s what they do. 

While their business doesn’t fall into what you would classify as “traditional manufacturing”, the artistic and eclectic minds at Little Spider Creations are breaking the mold by creating an industry all their own.   By combining artistic vision, with sophisticated designs and highly skilled craftsmanship, they’ve made quite a name for themselves as the “go to guys” for all things spookily spectacular.

Little Spider Creations are the masterminds behinds some of the of the most touted and coveted Halloween attractions around the country. 

Their work is currently featured in the #1 and #2 Best Theme Park Halloween Events in the United States, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest and Six Flags Great Adventure’s Fright Fest, as voted on by USA Today readers.

Little Spider Creations has worked with both Six Flags parks for a number of years to create custom, handcrafted sets and props for their feature Halloween and other attractions. 

According to a Six Flags press release, over the last five years, Six Flags Magic Mountain has been committed to taking the scare factor to an entirely new level with a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment in the Fright Fest offering.  Six Flags Magic Mountain’s 2015 lineup is the biggest and scariest in the park’s history, and many of the designs were created by none other than our hometown Halloween heroes, Little Spider Creations. 

Little Spider Creations relocated to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from Denver, Colorado in April 2015.  The company specializes in the creation and installation of specialty props and sets for amusement parks, museums, haunted houses, restaurants, miniature golf courses and similar venues and attractions. Examples of its national clients include: Six Flags Entertainment Corp., Carowinds and Dollywood Theme.  

Marc Brawner, President & CEO of Little Spider Creations cited North Myrtle Beach’s location, access to current and potential new customers and quality of life as factors that influenced their decision to move to their operations to the East Coast. 

While the company has only been in South Carolina for a few short months, they have hit the ground running and have already begun to grow their current business and acquire new business due to their new location. 

The Little Spider Creations team is a group of highly talented and skilled individuals and we are proud to have them in our community.  Their level of craftsmanship sets them above and beyond their competitors and we look forward to watching them grow and thrive in Horry County.  

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