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Laudisi Enterprises expands its Horry County operations, adding over 40 new jobs

Little River, S.C – January 8, 2014 – Representatives from The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation and Laudisi Enterprises Inc., announced today the expansion of its smoking tobacco manufacturing and pipe distribution operation in Little River, S.C.

"We've been delighted to be able to work with Brad Lofton and the team at MBREDC and Marc Jordan and the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce to help expand our operations in Horry County. Horry County has been our corporate home for more than a decade and their help and guidance has been invaluable as we seek to expand our core operations here, as well as bring our pipe tobacco manufacturing operations presently in North Carolina here over the next eighteen months. We all know what a great place Horry County is to live and work, and we're excited to continue our expansion and bring more of Laudisi Enterprises’ operations to the area," said Sykes Wilford, President and Founder of Laudisi Enterprises

Those interested in applying for employment, can go to the company’s website at OR send your resume to

The community competed with the state of North Carolina for the expansion, that will result in the retention of 37 existing jobs and the creation of 43 new jobs with a capital investment of approximately $255,000.

"Part of our ongoing strategy to create jobs in Horry County is fostering and supporting the growth of our existing industries. We are thankful that Laudisi Enterprises has elected to remain and grow here,” said Mark Lazarus, Chairman of Horry County Council.

The MBREDC worked hand in hand with the leadership team of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber who helped coordinate all the parties involved in the project.

"On behalf of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber and our "Building North Myrtle Beach" initiative, we are excited about Laudisi's decision to stay and grow in our community,” said Marc Jordan, President/CEO of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. “This company's profile is a perfect example of the kind of sustainable business we see for our future.  Young, entrepreneurial, and wired, which is one of the reasons North Myrtle Beach was recently selected by Google, as the E-City for S.C.  We congratulate MBREDC for playing a pivotal role in retaining these existing jobs and making it possible for the future expansion of another 43 jobs, as we work hard to grow and diversify our area's economy.”

"The decision of Laudisi Enterprises to expand in Little River is a good way to start out the 2014 year. Our team has enjoyed working collectively with our partners to provide the resources and assistance this company needed to grow and add jobs," said Brad Lofton, President of The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation. “They are the best in the U.S. in their industry, and I am delighted that they are located here in Horry County.”


About Laudisi Enterprises

Laudisi Enterprises is the parent company of, Laudisi Distribution, Cornell & Diehl, Inc., and Low Country Pipe & Cigar. is the largest division of Laudisi Enterprises, and the largest U.S. distributor of smoking pipes. With a desire to share his love for tobacco and pipes with other enthusiasts, Laudisi Enterprises President and Founder, Sykes Wilford, started the company in 2000 with a vision to become an online distribution hub for specialty smoking pipes and tobacco.

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