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Horry County is Made for Manufacturing

The Myrtle Beach area is more than just a place to get away to stay and play, it’s a year-round destination that is redefining the idea of a place to live and work, especially when it comes to manufacturing. A wave of manufacturing companies have taken notice to the industry landscape and have planted roots in Horry County. Here’s why.

Our strong workforce 

Horry County is the largest county in South Carolina, a state that’s renowned for its work productivity. So the odds of finding a set of reliable, experienced employees are already in your favor; the numbers rise with workers who are readily available right here in our neighborhoods and skilled in a wide variety of fields – from a pool of more than 140,000.To increase the numbers even further in your favor, the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation (MBREDC) supports and partners with vital workforce training institutions and programs, employment resources and apprenticeship opportunities, like Coastal Carolina University, Horry Georgetown Technical College, the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA), Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SIMT), and ReadySC.

ReadySC, one of the oldest workforce training programs in the U.S., knows all too well how to recruit, screen, train and tailor guidelines and curriculum for the right employees for any company by working closely together with the 16 technical colleges throughout the state. The aviation maintenance and aviation electronics technology programs offered at PIA gives hands-on prep for careers in the FAA or FCC. At the SIMT, potential employees can be trained in a 3D virtual reality environment to reduce both expenses and exposure to accidents and business owners can bring products to market faster by employing the largest 3D printing capabilities in the Southeast and meet customer orders for parts and assemblies by outsourcing to SIMT’s state-of-the-art machining center.

Our valuable incentives

Another way the MBREDC and Horry County supports growth, expansion and manufacturing business development in our area is via a wealth of incentive packages customized per each company’s goals and overall performance.

The manufacturing companies that have set up shop here take advantage of one of the lowest corporate taxes in the nation, competitive wages and low unionization. We know how important it is to maximize profits and reduce extra costs, so there are a wide range of sales tax exemptions to reduce startup and annual operating costs, such as a state sales and use tax of 5%, an additional 3% in Horry County and an additional 1% in the city of Myrtle Beach. Here are a handful of more tax benefits and exemptions:

*Use tax credits are available for tangible personal property purchases made out of state.

*There is no state property tax, no wholesale tax, no local income tax, no inventory tax and no unitary tax on worldwide profits.

*State sales tax exemptions are applied to: manufacturing machinery and equipment, research and development machinery and equipment, repair parts, electricity or other fuels used in the manufacturing process, all pollution control equipment, packaging materials, long distance telecommunications, including 800 service, and material handling equipment for manufacturing and distributors investing $35 million or more.

Our powerful support network

Not only do incoming companies know they can rely on the strength and support from the MBREDC as they lay the groundwork for success here in Myrtle Beach, but they also know they have the Coastal Industrial Alliance standing behind them as an additional network with all the right tools to direct them and cheer them on toward success.

The nonprofit was founded in 2008 specifically to enhance the manufacturing and technology sectors in Horry and Georgetown counties by offering collaborative resources, promoting an enhanced environment for opportunities and advocating local, state and federal issues to protect industry standards and growth. Membership benefits include an annual FAM trip to industry-specific venues featuring state-of-the-art businesses and organizations leading the way in the manufacturing and technology sectors in our region, two President’s Roundtable Networking Events each year and many more.

Our workforce training programs

In addition to ReadySC, which we mentioned earlier, there is a stronghold of other training programs prepared and ready to propel businesses into success.

Apprenticeship Carolina offers on-the-job training, job-related education and scalable wage progression. Consultants are available, free of charge, to guide companies through the apprenticeship development process, from step 1 to full recognition in the national Registered Apprenticeship System.

The South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership provides customized consulting services that meets a company’s individual needs via a roster of assets within the national MEP network and federal agencies, statewide contacts, and manufacturing specialists that live and work locally. The nonprofit SCMEP is able to access governmental, foundation and corporate grant-based funding. Its one-day Competiveness Review conducted by the manufacturing specialists identifies any major factors limiting a company’s success and proposes an action plan to improve necessary areas within the next week.

Horry Georgetown Technical College, based right here in Horry County across three area campuses, offer a curriculum and advanced training options in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, machine operations, CNC welding and more. Read one of our recent blogs for more details on what’s in place at the school, what’s in the works for the future and how HGTC works closely with economic development leaders and the MBREDC for apprenticeship and job placement opportunities.

Our results

Why not let successful business owners in the manufacturing industry who have relocated or started up here speak for the massive benefits of doing business in Myrtle Beach?

Sykes Wilford, President and CEO of Laudisi Enterprises, the largest online pipe distributor in the world based in Longs for more than a decade, says the MBREDC was integral in helping them to recently expand their business in Horry County. “We all know what a great place Horry County is to live and work, and we’re excited to continue our expansion and bring more of Laudisi Enterprises’ operations to the area.”

Metglas, based in Conway, is the world’s leading producer of amorphous metal ribbon and a business that’s continuously expanding. “The decision to expand again here was unanimous,” says president Dodd Smith. “We have made these two investments to the Conway facility because we believe this is a good place to do business and we are committed to the community. This latest expansion allows us to do more in-house and expand our operation more efficiently.”

One of Myrtle Beach’s newest business residents, Accent Stainless Steel, is rooted in Canada and produces microbrewery equipment on a global scale. “Our goal is to set up a world class manufacturing facility in South Carolina that can produce high- quality products for our domestic and international clients,” says Balbir Sidhu, VP of manufacturing. “I was very impressed with the organization and thoroughness of the EDC team. I feel that Horry County has the training centers, infrastructure, and standard of living to attract top-­notch people that will help make our company successful. I look forward to working with them along this journey.”

And the latest in expansion manufacturers, Worksman Cycles, recently decided to expand to Conway from its New York City headquarters after an extensive state-to-state search. Business should be up and running early this year. “It was the friendly business environment of South Carolina with its great access to sea, rail and highway transportation, as well as low-cost energy, and the climate, which will ease the strain that Northeast winters placed on our operation”, says president Wayne Sosin. “And, finally, the quality of life for our workers with affordable housing options, low cost of living and good schools.”

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