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Frontier Introduces Vantage TV on the Grand Strand

October 24, 2016

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC – Frontier Communications is adding its Vantage TV service and Vantage broadband bundles to the 100 percent fiber network that has been a staple of high-quality broadband service in parts of North Myrtle Beach since 2008.

The all-fiber network has demonstrated the ability to deliver crystal clear, sharply defined high definition TV in markets where it has been available. Frontier has made the necessary engineering and network enhancements to add value to its services over fiber in North Myrtle Beach. Vantage TV packages with networks that can deliver data speeds up to One Gigabit per second (Gbps) are now available to nearly 19,000 households in North Myrtle Beach.

 Additionally, Frontier will offer Vantage over its fiber-to-copper network architecture that delivers the same exceptional TV viewing quality and data speeds capable of up to 115 Megabit per second (Mbps) to approximately 26,000 households in the greater Myrtle Beach area and Conway.

In all, nearly 45,000 households in the area will be able to order Vantage TV services with further expansion expected later this year.

The introduction of Vantage TV with Vantage broadband and voice combinations means that customers can now add it to their home entertainment menu, creating double and triple plays from the combination of broadband, telephone and now, Vantage TV services.

“Our announcement of Vantage TV availability in North Myrtle Beach represents a high-quality competitive option for customers interested in great HD channels teamed up with fast broadband and reliable telephone services,” said Todd Van Epps, Frontier’s area general manager, South Carolina. “The value and superiority of the home entertainment experience, coupled with its versatility, separates Vantage TV from traditional cable offerings in the market.”

Unlike satellite and cable, Vantage TV does not require installation of house-altering hardware – no dish screwed onto the outside wall or roof and no cable holes drilled through the family-room wall. With only a wireless set-top-box coupled with Frontier’s most powerful router, viewers can move the TV to any room of the house without disrupting service.

“Vantage TV leverages Frontier’s years of experience at delivering video service over both copper and fiber networks, while utilizing the very latest technology advances to deliver incredible picture quality and features to our South Carolina customers,” said Frontier’s Dennis Bloss, vice president, video market deployment.

Recognizing the growing flexibility of media consumption both inside and outside of the home, Vantage TV has distinguished itself from both traditional cable and satellite-based viewing by providing the best HD picture quality on TV, the channels most demanded by customers, easy recording of several programs simultaneously and a unique combination of features that focus on quality, variety and versatility for the customer at a competitive price.

Vantage TV features:

  • 100 percent digital picture and sound
  • Channel lineups to fit each customer’s needs including both standard definition and HD
  • TV Everywhere capabilities via the Frontier TV App, allowing both in home and out-of-home viewing over compatible iOS and Android mobile devices as well as PCs
  • Multi-View, a feature allowing customers to see up to four channels simultaneously
  • Total home DVR with up to 1 TB of storage, able to record up to four shows at once viewable on any TV with a set-top box and store nearly 500 hours of HD video
  • COMING SOON – built-in access to Netflix with the ability to connect through the set-top box.  
  • Instant channel change and fast navigation through the interactive program guide
  • Video on Demand titles (over 20,000 and growing), including access to standard TV channels and subscribed premium channels
  • Enhanced search that delivers real-time results by program name, actor and other keywords across live TV, VOD and DVR recordings
  • Channel Peeks, allowing customers to maintain full-screen viewing while “peeking” into other programming
  • The ability to pause, fast forward or rewind live or recorded shows on up to eight TVs

Bundled offers are available for both triple and double play packages. Triple play packages in the Prime TV lineup include over 180 unique TV channels (standard definition and HD); broadband service featuring 30/30 Mbps when delivered over all-fiber (12 Mbps/1.5 Mbps speed for the fiber-copper hybrid); and telephone service plus a $400 Amazon gift card for $79.99* or $64.99* per month respectively. Double plays are $69.99* or $54.99* for internet and TV respectively with the same features plus a $300 Amazon gift card. TV packages with more channels are also available.

Additionally, new Vantage customers will enjoy free installation and TV activation, free DVR for 12 months, no contract and a 24 month price lock.

Customers interested in learning more about Vantage TV can call 855-617-2286 for more information.

* Taxes, fees and equipment rental charges not included


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