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Economic Development Creates A Lasting Impact on the Grand Strand

Economic Development Creates A Lasting Impact on the Grand Strand

By: MBREDC Staff

Economic development isn’t something new to Horry County.

Over the last 20 years there was some noteworthy success in recruiting companies like MetGlas and Blue Cross | Blue Shield, but it wasn’t until 2011 when a group of community leaders decided to restructure the existing organization that the mission became crystal clear: to create more well-paying, year around jobs and diversify the local economy.  

With new leadership and new found political and community support, the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was formed.  Under the direction of the new President, Brad Lofton, the EDC came out of the gate swinging. 

You may have some heard some of the recent buzz about their work in Horry County, as company names like PTR Industries, StarTek, Ithaca Guns and others have become household names here on the Grand Strand.  Over the last two years, the EDC has been working hard to recruit these and other companies, as well as support the growth and expansions of existing companies like Native Sons, Canfor and B3C Fuel Solutions.  Since January 2012, the organization has announced 1,533 new jobs in Horry County. 

Last year the EDC worked hand in hand with elected officials, private-sector partners and economic allies to generate the best year in non-tourism related or retail job creation in the history of their program.

Today, the EDC continues to focus on recruitment efforts in the targeted industries of aerospace, manufacturing, technology, marine and corporate headquarters.   The pipeline is strong and there continues to be significant interest from companies that want to take advantage of the benefits of locating here. 

The future is bright for this community and the hard work of the EDC and its partners will leave a lasting impact on the Grand Strand. 


If you are interested in learning more about Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation, or getting information on how you can support their efforts, visit their website at











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