Horry County Economic Development

The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation (MBREDC) leads Horry County’s efforts in attracting, growing, and retaining sustainable businesses that create jobs. We’re also dedicated to the facilitation of development programs that benefit Horry County residents.

Our organization functions as a comprehensive resource for location and expansion assistance, and every day, three pillars of economic development remain in clear focus:

  • We raise the profile of greater Myrtle Beach as a prime business location
  • We unite key parties in the public and private sectors to accelerate economic growth
  • We diversify the economy by attracting suitable and sustainable industries

The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation works diligently to ensure our region is poised for continued growth, and people have access to opportunities that help build and strengthen our region.

Expand and diversify the Horry County economy

Create well-paying jobs for Horry County residents

Provide opportunities for graduates to stay in the area and find employment

Support and grow existing industry

Generate private sector buy-in and support for economic development

Provide additional tax revenue for government jurisdictions and the Horry County School System

Stimulate private sector growth and investment

Economic health and growth are dependent upon a balance between large and small businesses and a diversification of industries. This section identifies major employers and industries in the County. It also takes a more in-depth analysis of important sectors of the County’s economy.

Horry County has over 8,500 employers. Of these, 94% employ fewer than 50 people and only account for 44% of the active workforce. Employers with 50 to 250 people account for 34.54% of the workforce, while the remaining 21.07% are employed by large businesses or governments with over 250 employees.
Number of Employers Categorized by Number of Employees

Source: SC Department of Employment & Workforce – 2016 Q3